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Kerin Smith Editor

I am the content editor for the KerinTV. I love to provide our readers with the latest news from all around the world so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Phone: (+1) 870-532-7162
Email: kerin575@gmail.com


Tony Cipriani Writer

I work as the writer at the KerinTV. I have a love for writing and have been writing before joining KerinTV.

Phone: (+1) 870-534-5486
Email: Tony@kpttvipvan.com


Vincenzo Cerasuolo Reporter

I am the lead Reporter for KerinTV. I love to learn new things about entertainment and tell them to our readers at KerinTV.

Phone: (+1) 870-537-9961
Email: Vincenzo@kpttvipvan.com


Dustin Ogden Author

I work as the Author working at KerinTV. I have been working as a freelancer for five years before joining the KerinTV family.

Phone: (+1) 870-531-8513

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