Paramount Cuts Ties With Storied Producer Robert Evans After 52 Years

Its union has been ended by paramount Pictures With iconic film producer Robert Evans, the man who in 1967 started strengthening the studio as president of creation with a ton of commercial and critical hits.

Having assumed the function at age 36, Evans was responsible for green-lighting A pantheon of American movie classics, such as The Odd Couple (1968), Rosemary’s Baby (1968), True Grit (1969), Love Story (1970), Harold and Maude (1971), The Godfather (1972), Serpico (1973) and The Conversation (1974).

Evans–currently 89 and reportedly in poor health–stepped-down as an executive and Inked a production deal with Paramount in 1974 to become a manufacturer. That deal expired earlier this month and won’t be revived by the studio, as reported by a Paramount spokesperson who discussed the matter together with The Hollywood Reporter.

As producer, Evans continued to engineer films 1970s along with a touch beyond–with Chinatown (1974), Marathon Man (1976) and Urban Cowboy (1980) representing his signature achievements of the age.

Paramount was owned by Viacom as 1994–the same year Evans composed his sublimely offbeat autobiography The Kid Stays in the Picture. In his advancing years, nevertheless, Evans only produced four films for Paramount under Viacom’s watch (Jade, The Phantom, The Saint and 2003’s How to get rid of a Guy in 10 Days, his last picture).

Addressing their decision to dissolve its creative connection with Evans And his eponymous production arm (Robert Evans Productions), a Paramount spokesperson issued a statement to Variety on Tuesday, composing:”Bob Evans has been an iconic part of their Paramount legacy for more than half a century.

His gifts into the studio and film industry have been countless. Today we mark the end of our formal relationship with Bob as a manufacturer, but his legacy will survive in our realm and our hearts.



There are not any words to express our gratitude and reverence for the guy whose name is synonymous with this organization and the magic of films.”

Evans’ camp didn’t issue an immediate comment on the move, but the Paramount spokesperson added that the studio will name a newly renovated screening area on their Hollywood lot in Evan’s honor,”so that more generations of movie lovers talk about his enthusiasm for good cinema.

The decision of paramount is interested given Evans’ age and the ostensibly Dormancy of his job since 2003. By comparison, the studio retained longstanding manufacturer A.C. Lyles on their payroll until his departure in 2013 at age 95–even as the elderly and embattled Hollywood bigwig has been inundated with allegations.

The Hollywood Reporter has also reported that some of Evans’ Partners thought Viacom controlling Visitor Sumner Redstone had promised Evans that his studio contract had been guaranteed for life as gratitude for his precious years of service into the studio.

Evans suffered multiple strokes May 6, 1998, which left him paralyzed on His right side and temporarily unable to speak. He eventually recovered his speech however, has largely worked out of his Beverly Hills home instead of his office on the Paramount lot in the decades since.

His freewheeling and insightful autobiography about his life Hollywood was adapted into a documentary of the Exact Same name (The Kid Stays in the Picture) in 2002.

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