Clash of Clans War Leagues New Update 2019 | Clans War League Results and Promotion Rules

Families need to agree to accept Leagues with more than 15 individuals — a splendid thought, which gives players a chance to locate the boss inside them. Toward the finish of War Week, Clans with the most stars are chosen to higher groups, while other residual families remain or are downgraded. While playing the amusement, players gain assets and League Medals from their assaults and get a chance to be granted rewards League Medals by Clan Leaders.

Clash of Clans War LeaguesClan War Leagues is a remarkable element that was presented in the refresh of Version 22 JANUARY 2019 Download. In basic, it is an alliance structure for Clan Wars. In a month, groups need to enlist themselves and battle seven days of wars with different families of comparative ability level.

In League Wars, gatherings of eight factions battle against one another with a plan to progress through the groups. Just as win rewards, while the higher alliances give the best rewards and rewards, and pitch themselves as the best factions among all.

How War Leagues Work

  • Each League runs once per season, at a generally indistinguishable time from one another.
  • When each season, there will be a two-day League join period, where Clans can agree to accept the War Leagues.
  • When a Clan has joined, they will be put in a gathering with seven different Clans in the indistinguishable group from the Clan is.
  • After the gathering has been set, the War League starts and goes on for eight days. The Clans will start a round-robin competition, where every Clan fights each contradicting Clan once.
  • Toward the finish of the War League period, the best performing Clans in the gathering will be elevated to the following higher alliance, while the most exceedingly bad performing Clans will be downgraded to the following lower association.

Players get League Medals as remunerations for their support in the War League, and these awards can be spent on different things.

The War Leagues Association Fight AND Days Details:

In the War League, each gathering contains eight factions, and each War League goes on for eight days. Amid the match, every faction will share in seven unique wars set tribes against one another. In the begin, when the group has shaped, arrangement day for the principal struggle will begin, and amid every planning day, players need to complete two things:

  • To enter the war, the player needs to pick fifteen individuals from the roaster.
  • Like a Regular War, contenders can share Defensive Clan Castle Troops.

With the finish of planning day, the fight day will begin for a contention. At the same time, another planning day for the up and a coming war begins, until every one of the seven readiness days has passed. Here is a calendar for the Up and Coming War Leagues Gems in 2019:

  • Day 1: Preparation Day for the main battle
  • Day 2: Preparation Day for the second battle and the fight day for the principal war
  • Day 3: Preparation Day for the third battle and the fight day for the second war
  • Day 4: Preparation Day for the fourth battle and the fight day for the third war
  • Day 5: Preparation Day for the fifth battle and the fight day for the fourth war
  • Day 6: Preparation Day for the 6th battle and the fight day for the fifth war
  • Day 7: Preparation Day for the seventh battle and the fight day for the 6th war
  • Day 8: a just fight day for the seventh battle

Players get just a single assault amid each fight day. Families can acquire war plunder and experience focuses on indistinguishable technique from they do in the Clan War. While playing, players can assemble war plunder they have won regardless of whether they leave the Clan before the fight closes.



  • Bronze III 3 0
  • Bronze I and Bronze II 3 2
  • Champion II and Silver III 2 2
  • Champion I 0 2

Every player gets League Medals, contingent upon how they do in the League contrasted with different players. Each member can make a particular number of awards for each star accumulated. Furthermore, a reward is compensated to everybody in the program for each war and the sky is the limit from there. Toward the finish of the group, the administrator of the tribe can choose to grant rewards of League Medals to different players in the program as want and the pioneer will have a base number of rewards.

Class Medals

The amusement will remunerate the player with 50 Medals as the player complete the Clan War League Tutorials. After the instructional exercise, League Medals are obtained through a few strategies, for example,

By scoring star against players.

You can spend your accumulated League Medals in a unique area of Home Village. They can be utilized to buy assets, enchantment things, and enrichment. At first, players have just 2,500 League Medals. In the event that the player makes more, the abundance will be transformed into Gems. In the amusement, one jewel is equivalent to 10 decorations. For instance, to open a heap of gold of 2.5 million, the player requires 25 League Medals.


The matchmaking depends just on the present alliance your tribe is. It’s a stepping stool-based war. There is no war-weight, Town Hall levels, Engineered Bases, nothing, just the War League your group is matters, making this a really aptitude based amusement mode.

One brisk note, the first occasion when you enter on a CWL your tribe will consequently enter a particular association. This alliance depends on the 15 most grounded players of your faction. The higher your class is, the more grounded your tribe and foes ought to be.

On the first CWL occasion there were many whines of uncalled for matchmaking, yet when the more grounded families level up, the fights will begin to be reasonable. It will require some investment, mas, in the long run, you will be coordinate against groups similarly on a par with your family.

Group War League and Promotion Rules

Group War Leagues are a recently presented focused framework spins around seven days in a month where Clans will battle against one another to demonstrate they are the best over the world. They battle to climb eighteen groups and receive fabulous new select benefits. The diversion offers regular based class structure where players fight seven different tribes in their association to make their space in the higher group.

Expertise and execution are key components of the diversion and will decide your prosperity. Eighteen distinct groups are centered around the execution of your factions. The fight spins around 15v15 wars design however you can welcome up to fifty players to be a piece of your group and can turn players amid every day of the week. Furthermore, the amusement includes another money, League Medals.

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Group Medals and Resources can acquire by contending with different Clans in Clan War alliances. Players use compensates in another League Shop to purchase staggering enrichments and the recently offered Hammer Magic things. Contingent upon the execution of your group in a League Wars, Clan Leaders would grand be able to advance reward League Medals to their Members at the association’s end.

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