Clash of Clans Tornado Trap – Explained with Tricks and Levels (New COC Update 2019)

Traps are structures that stay covered up until the point when they are actuated by the assaulting troop moving into their trigger span. It’s simpler to keep out undesirable guests with Traps; they expect practically zero mediation once set up.

While playing Clash of Clans, players can utilize traps close to the Town Hall to battle off adversaries. Traps function as a barrier encompassing the house which will stop undesirable guests for a particular time. There is an aggregate of 7 traps in Clash of Clans which incorporates a recently presented device Called Tornado Trap, which comes in the October refresh.

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Bomb – The weakest of the considerable number of devices, bombs detonate making negligible harm the foe.

Spring Trap – Bounces troops off the front line, adequately causing moment demise.

Monster Bomb – It is a significantly more dominant adaptation of the Bomb.

Air Bomb – An airborne form of the ordinary bomb.

Looking for Air Mine – A solitary target trap that can have annihilating harm to adversary troops.

Skeleton Trap – Coffins ascend starting from the earliest stage, numerous Skeletons show up in the region to battle against interlopers.

Tornado Trap – When activated, it sucks in assaulting troops for a couple of moments relying upon the dimension.

What is Tornado Trap and how can it function?

There are a few stones and traps accessible in the amusement that can break a few foes’ bones, however, Tornado Trap will befuddle you just as different players. Highlighted in the ongoing refresh, Tornado Trap is fresh out of the box new safeguard to Clash of Clans. It is a kind of guard which makes a channel to draw all adversaries inside its range making them turn around the tornado for a set measure of time. The device additionally creates a little measure of harm to more fragile troops, yet the main role of Tornado Trap is to slow down them, backing off their assault and offering the additional opportunity to the resistance. The device will influence everything accessible in the earth where the snare is set, including saints and Siege Machines.

Tornado Traps pulling troops inside

The entrance to Tornado Trap is opened at the Town Hall Level 11, where the player utilizes the snare of level one with restricted time and little power. In any case, as the player propels through the diversion and makes more focuses, he will have the capacity to build the dimension of the snare to 2, which opens additional time, power, and limit. You can redesign the device to level 3 with the maximum length impact which stays for 10 seconds. On the off chance that you would prefer not to hold on to open new troops and update the town corridor just as your dimension to get this device then you can attempt Clash of Lights APK. Conflict of Lights APK gives you access to boundless assets and rapid servers.

Excavator is the main troop that is unaffected by the Tornado Trap, independent of being above or the underground nature.

Tornado Trap Features

  • Trigger Radius: 3 Tiles
  • Harm Type: Splash
  • DPS: 8
  • Zone of Effect: 2 Tiles
  • Most loved Target: Any
  • Targets: Ground and Air
  • Turn Effect Calculation

The troop lodging space decides the speed of the turn, while the impact is determined on a number scaled of 1 to 5 by partitioning the limit of troops lodging by min 3 or max 5. The number in the amusement once isolated is additionally gathered together, for example, Minion (1), Balloon (2), Witch (4), and Golem (5). The saints are classed as 5, however, Siege Machines are class as 1.

As a system, it completely relies upon what players are endeavoring to safeguard. A few players think that its exceptionally helpful and viable against E Drags since it drains them out of the scope of resistances. Along these lines, E Drags need to keep retargeting, as a result of their moderate speed, stopping to make the snare powerful against them. While playing, it is a smart thought to have them around barriers, for example, Multi Inferno, Giga Tesla, or Wizard Tower, if attempting to shield lava look.

Tornado Traps Levels


  1. 6 Seconds 47 3,000,000 2,000 N/A 0 11
  2. 8 Seconds 62 4,000,000 3,000 2 Days 415 11
  3. 10 Seconds 78 5,000,000 4,000 3 Days 509 12

The Tornado Trap additionally manages a little measure of harm to all units inside the range. The snare manages more threat as it keeps going longer at abnormal states.

Update Differences

The snare possibly changes at level 2 after redesigning. At the point when at first assembled, the presence of the Tornado Trap as a metallic winding cylinder that covered by an incubate on the ground. At level 2, the Tornado Trap will pick up a huge darker metal piece at the cylinder’s end. The snare is begun from the prevalent portable technique amusement Clash Royale. What’s more, similar to the impermanent devices, including Shrink Trap and Freeze Trap, the Tornado Trap appears as a spell which is put in the device entryway. Like Clash Royale, players can’t set Tornado Spell instantly.

Cautious Strategy with Tornado Trap

In term of methodology, you can utilize the Tornado Trap to pull in went units and annihilate them inside a range. They most likely still ready to assault while stuck in the device, you can exploit this circumstance by setting the high-DPS working to crush them immediately. While confronting adversaries, you can likewise put different snares close to the Tornado Trap to trigger them on collaborated enemies. To have the capacity to capitalize on devices you should know when and where to put them which is exceptionally all around clarified here.

Hostile Strategy

In this term, Miner is strong and can’t be stuck by this device, notwithstanding when they are over the ground. This choice makes them feasible for standing firm against a Tornado Trap.

The contrast between Spring Trap 1 and Tornado Trap 2

Spring Trap will hurl undesirable foes or guests of your town, while the Tornado Trap will have the capacity to suck a wide range of adversaries with the exception of Miner. The Tornado Traps can be moved up to three dimensions while the Spring Trap has five dimensions of overhauls. The main dimension of Spring Trap will wind up accessible at Town Hall Level 1 with the expense of 2,000 coins, while the second dimension will be opened with the cast of 500,000 coins at the Town Hall Level 7, stays for 16h. As the dimension expands the number of coins and the time will be expanded. On the off chance that you talk about the span, the sweep of Tornado Trap begins from 1.5 tiles from a dimension 1, while the zone scope of Spring Trap is simply 0.7 tiles, beginning from level 1. Tornado Trap has assumed a crucial job in guarded procedures while fighting against rushes of adversaries. The fundamental issue is that when to and where to put it. The little unit of adversaries will in a flash completion after coming in contact of this device while the incredible foes may endure this device and can reach to you.

Cheat Codes for Tornado Trap Level 3

On the off chance that you’re searching for cheat codes of Tornado Trap, the most imperative data is that you won’t discover any cheat codes for producing jewels, gaining admittance to bolted things, or even can’t expand the season of snares, just as impact.

The as of late presented Tornado Trap may be opened after achieving the Town Hall Level 11, where the first occasion when you will have the capacity to utilize this snare which will battle off a little adversary by making a tornado that will round the foe and suck his life bar. The ground-breaking foes can’t quit utilizing the essential tornado trap which will stay just for 8 seconds.

The best way to get boundless power traps is to utilize the FHX COC private server wherein you gain admittance to the Level 3 Tornado Trap.

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