Clash of Clans Magic Items Guide | How to get Magic items in COC 2019

In Clash of Clans, diverse kinds of supernatural things are accessible, and every one has its interesting appearance, reason, capacities, and use. Every enchantment thing is part into a few classifications, including rings, books, elixirs, and runes. Some of them are extremely dynamic to work for your developer base. Interestingly, on the off chance that you’ve discovered an enchantment thing someplace or opened it and you needn’t bother with it, at that point you have a decision to money the Magic things for pearls.

There are four different ways to accomplish enchantment things:

  1. You can get enchantment things by finishing destinations on individual occasions.
  2. In Clan Games, you have a chance to accomplish certain reward levels as enchantment things.
  3. Additionally, by acquiring them through the Trader.
  4. Mysterious things are a likewise accessible in-amusement shop.

While playing the diversion, you can gain admittance to significant enchantment things for use in Clan Wars to bring down foes. After getting enchantment things, you can include them in your stock and can utilize when required. Through the Clan Castle, you can get to your stock, however, some enchantment things can’t be utilized from your stock screen. The best part about mysterious things is that aggressors can’t take them.

Clash of Clans Magic things list

To start with, you’ve twenty distinctive enchantment things accessible in your stock. Five of these are books, five are runes, five are elixirs, four are hammers, and the last one is a ring. While playing the diversion, you can utilize books to finish redesigns in a split second, and parts can be utilized for various impermanent impacts. You can hold just a solitary book at any given moment, while you are fit for conveying five elixirs at any given moment. Be that as it may, enchantment things won from occasions don’t check towards the limit. There are constantly supernatural things accessible inside your stock of Clan Castle.

How to Use Magic Items?

Books, Potions, Runes, and Hammers, they all have a particular reason in the diversion, and their utilization additionally differs as indicated by circumstances. While books make changeless consequences for structures and troops, Potions make that impact for a brief period. Runes are utilized to fill a boundless number of assets like Gold and Gems in players town. Mallets are to some degree like books, yet they right away begin and complete an update including troops, structures, and spells.

On the off chance that you have a book, which is a Magic Item accessible in your stock and in the Clash of Magic private server and you need to utilize it, at that point you will find it specifically after choosing an overhaul. For instance, in case you will overhaul a building and can hardly wait for the manufacturing time to finish, at that point, you have to tap on it which will demonstrate to you a spring up containing a few alternatives, the book is additionally one of them. Along these lines, this will skirt the rest of the time, and you can utilize the viewpoint in a split second as opposed to paying diamonds or anticipating the move up to finish. To do as such, you should require the comparing book, on the off chance that you need to lessen the season of updates, saint and troop redesign, or fabricating overhaul. You can begin utilizing them immediately by choosing from your treasury, and once you use it, you have extraordinary dynamic forces for the time the elixir offers.

How to Get Magical Items?

In this segment, you’ll find how to get enchanted things. In this way, the easy method to get enchanted things is by opening them as remuneration levels from Clan Games. In the event that you don’t care for this one, there are three more ways accessible, we should investigate them.

To get enchantment things, you can total an assortment of targets on individual occasions and get things which you can incorporate into your stock. The third way is somewhat expensive and may make you befuddled, which is that to buy them from the Trader or the shop utilizing the pearls that you have accumulated in the wake of doing heaps of diligent work. At present, the straightforward and shabby approach to get enchantment things in CoC is to win them through Clan Games the higher level of Clan Games you effectively open, the better your enchantment things will be. Mixtures are on the most reduced level, while the books can be opened through the higher levels. Which means, you are required to have an enormously dynamic tribe in the event that you need to utilize the best enchantment things.

Kinds of Magical Items

At present, there are up to twenty-two mysterious things accessible and these otherworldly things are part into five classes, for example,

  • Runes – Fills Resource Storage

Clash of Clan Magic Runes

Rune is a kind of Magical Item that players use to fill their asset stockpiling. While playing the amusement, players can hold one of every rune at any given moment. Also, obviously, this is less incredible than Potion. There are five distinct sorts of Runes which are the accompanying:


Rune of Gold It gives you an endless wellspring of gold and empowers you to fill your gold stockpiling to progress through the amusement and level up your home town. Keep running of Gold can be utilized to initiate in the Home Village and it naturally fills the gold of the player in the chose to place. You can buy this enchantment thing with the expense of 1,500 diamonds from a Trader.

Rune of Elixir Unlike Rune of Gold, it accompanies a boundless stream of Elixir and this mysterious thing gives you a chance to brimming with your Village Home with Elixir. You can buy this thing from the broker utilizing 1,500 pearls.

Rune of Dark Elixir Another perpetual stream of Dark Elixir, which the player uses to fill his Village home with Dark Elixir and use at whatever point required. Utilizing this enchantment, there’s no requirement for acquiring Dark Elixir from the Trader. You can buy this enchantment thing at expense of 3,000 diamonds.

Rune of Builder Gold If you’re searching for the boundless wellspring of free developer jewels, at that point you have to look at this supernatural thing which will give you to totally fill your gold stockpiling in the Builder A chance to base. In the event that you need to buy this, you ought to spend up to 1,500 jewels.

Rune of Builder Elixir There is a huge wellspring of Builder Elixir, and this otherworldly thing empowers you to fill your Elixir Storage in the Builder Base. The amusement rewards you with restricted runes toward the beginning of the diversion after that you need to finish destinations to get them.

  • Books – Completes Upgrades

Clash of Clans Magic Books List

Books are the most dominant sort of Magical things and are utilized to finish the updates in a split second. You can utilize this supernatural thing for just a single redesign, however, the assets expected to start the overhaul must be given. While playing the amusement, players can hold just a single book at any given moment. Utilizing the book, you can expand your quality and can take down adversaries with no time utilizing your ground-breaking armed forces because of this book. There are five kinds of books accessible. Look at them.


Book of Fighting This otherworldly thing is loaded with proficient preparing projects and players can utilize this to in a split second total continuous faction redesign. Book of Fighting can use in the two towns and its usefulness empowers players to rapidly total troop continuous redesign inside Star Laboratory and Laboratory. It is qualified for any troop, just as Siege Machine, however nothing else. The player is additionally ready to buy this thing from the Trader against 925 diamonds.

Book of Building It is a sort of book which lets players to rapidly total any building update inside the Base Builder or Home Village. Players can likewise utilize it to any structures, traps, and so forth. Notwithstanding, it isn’t qualified for legend inside Laboratory.

Book of Spells This book is uncommonly intended to redesign spells and just works with the home town. Utilizing this, players are fit for redesigning progressing spell update inside the Laboratory. They can apply this to a wide range of spell updates.

Book of Heroes Full of sound guidance and chivalrous stories, this book is for you to use for overhauling any continuous legend redesign in a split second. You can utilize a book for a solitary saint redesign in ether town, or its primary is utilized on any four chose legends.

  • Elixirs – Boosts control for a brief period

Clash of Clans Magic Runes list

Mixtures are the conspicuous kind of enchantment things which can be utilized to expand the speed of a few parts of ongoing interaction temporarily period. Elixirs are rather than the Books and yield long haul impacts. At once, players can hold up to five bits of the distinctive kind. Notwithstanding Potions, there are five distinct sorts as following:

  • Power
  • Asset
  • Preparing
  • Developer
  • Snap Tower Potion

In contrast to the books, players can likewise get to hammers by obtaining them utilizing League Medals.

  • Sleds – Immediately begin and finishes an update

Enchantment hammers

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The fourth thing in the rundown of Magic Items which empowers players to begin and finish a redesign quickly is Hammers. They work also to Books, in any case, they will rapidly begin the overhaul, in contrast to books, which can be utilized just to finish the update. Players can likewise utilize the sled to dodge or avoid the capacity furthest reaches of the player, for instance, a mallet is prepared to do in a flash finishing an update regardless of whether the player has restricted asset stockpiling to start a redesign. Notwithstanding, this sort of enchantment things can’t be utilized to finish any redesigns that have just been under development.

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