Clash of Clans Electro Dragon (2019); Upgrade Cost, Attack Strategies and Levels

With the presentation of the new Electro Dragons, it seemed as though they are too overwhelmed and sooner or later having them accessible I can disclose to you they are not so overwhelmed that spamming them in an easy decision for 3 stars, yet with a little practice and expertise you can do it.

In this guide, I will demonstrate to you what you should investigate and how to make ground-breaking assaults with Electro Dragons.

How Electro Dragon Attacks Works

Timing and building a pipe is the way to progress with Electro Dragons – in the event that you mess that up you won’t fall flat the entire assault, however, for a strong 3-Star, you will have everything working fine.

Fundamentally, you need to construct a channel by dropping an Electro Dragon in one corner and Heroes with COC troops and gems in another and after that send in the entirety of your other Electro Dragons with a few Balloons in the middle of to go for the center.

“Having iron-extreme scales and a breath of pulverizing lightning, the Electro Dragon’s most loved thing is sprinkling devastation from above. Whenever vanquished, the Electro Dragon even pulverizes the ground with lightning strikes!”

The Electro Dragon is the thirteenth and last troop opened in the Barracks.

Electro Dragons have no favored target while assaulting; they will just assault the nearest fabricating. Notwithstanding, when they wind up mindful of adversary Clan Castle troops, Heroes, or Skeleton Trap skeletons (either by being assaulted themselves or by being close to another benevolent troop enduring an onslaught), they will leave they’re recently focused on building and rather draw in the foe troops. When the majority of the close-by adversary troops are crushed, the Electro Dragons will continue to assault the closest structure.

The Electro Dragon has an extraordinary type of assault known as Chain Lightning, a comparable type of which is additionally utilized by the Mega Tesla from the Builder Base. This Chain Lightning enables it to hit up to 5 focuses without a moment’s delay, however with diminishing harm for each objective bound. Harm managed to each fastened targets get diminished by 25% for each hit.

Whenever pulverized, the Electro Dragon makes the close-by ground be hit with lightning jolts. These jolts strike the ground likewise to the Lightning Spell.

Hostile Strategy

The Electro Dragon spits electrical discharges that bob from focus to target and consequently can be utilized to take out various structures on the double.

They can go about as flying Bowlers (but taking up all the more lodging space) as they can hit different focuses without a moment’s delay, and help pipe in an air assault.

Cautious Strategy

The Electro Dragon chain assault is just conceivable if target structures are at most one tile separated. Accordingly, you can put structures two tiles separated to keep the Electro Dragon from managing more harm.

Its Chain Lightning enables it to be valuable on protection as it can kill up to five spread-out Archers or Wizards at any given moment. Nonetheless, its moderate fire rate makes it defenseless against being effectively killed by the Archer Queen under her capacity; on the off chance that it is hurt by a Poison Spell in the meantime, the Electro Dragon may not have the capacity to energize an assault in time before it is killed. The lightning spell it drops upon death is sufficiently able to take out whole gatherings of wizards and bowmen.

Redesign Differences

At all dimensions, the Electro Dragon shows up as a huge blue mythical beast with extensive sky blue wings. It has a substantial horn on the head and a few light blue spikes on its back, just as a tail with flippers.


  • – Electro Dragon is the thirteen troops opened in the Barrack.
  • – Electro Dragon expects Elixir to Train or Upgrade.
  • – Electro Dragon target Ground and Air.
  • – Does Electro Dragon have a Range of? Tiles.
  • – Electro Dragon assault Single Target yet have Chain Lightning up to 5 focuses with diminished harm as the anchor go from focus to target.
  • – Electro Dragon have no Favorite Target!
  • – Electro Dragon Housing Space is 30.
  • – Electro Dragon Maximum Level is 3!

Electro Dragon Attack Strategy

To progress through the diversion, you have to venture up a power, including 8 Electro Dragons, 5 Rage Spells, 1 Poison Spell, 2 Freeze Spell, and CC Filed with Bowlers.

Timing, system, and building a channel are the most conspicuous key to work with Electro Dragon. In the amusement, on the off chance that you upset adversaries and they are more dominant than you, don’t have to stress in the event that you have Electro Dragons.

Electro Dragon can assault at any foe, building, or structures. It is simply trusting that your order will discharge it’s furious breath at foes to copy them and clear the way for you to progress through the diversion. Nonetheless, it can assault with a 3.5s speed which is sufficient to bring down foes without telling them. Shockingly, you can design your assault on the guide with up to three tiles, however, three tiles are additionally enough to change the amusement.


Number of Barrack Training Time

  • 24 Minutes
  • 12 Minutes
  • 8 Minutes
  • 6 Minutes

Note: Number of Barrack is those Active, not under Upgrade!

Here are the better details of the Electro Dragon:

Level 1 : 36,000 DE Cost/24-minute Training/2,200 HP/240 DPS/300 Death Damage

Level 2 : 40,000 DE Cost/24-minute Training/9,000,000 Upgrade Cost/10-day overhaul/3,700 HP/270 DPS/330 Death Damage

Level 3 : 44,000 DE Cost/24-minute Training/11,000,000 Upgrade Cost/14-day overhaul/4,200 HP/300 DPS/360 Death Damage

Here’s a snappy recap of all that we think about the Electro Dragon up until now:

It hits its objective, at that point utilizes its Lightning Breath weapon to anchor obliteration on up to five extra targets. When it bites the dust, it discharges the last burst of lightning jolts on adjacent adversaries.

  • Town Hall 11, Barracks level 13
  • Most loved Target: Any
  • Targets: Ground and Air
  • Lodging Space: 30


Electro Dragon Level Train Cost Damage every Second (first Target) Damage per Attack (first Target) Damage when Destroyed Hitpoints Research Cost Research Time Laboratory Level Required

  • 36,000 240 840 50 x6 3,200 N/A N/A N/A
  • 40,000 270 945 55 x6 3,700 9,000,000 10D 9
  • 44,000 300 1,050 60 x6 4,200 11,000,000 14D 10

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In Clash of Clans, the Electro Dragon is one of the Troop prepared in the Barrack! Electro Dragon assault Ground and Air! It spits Thunder from the sky and harms Single Target by each Thunder Breath yet additionally have a Chain Lightning up to 5 focuses on the double, yet the harm decline with respect to each objective bound! Electro Dragon when crushed will explode a Lightning Bolts like the Lightning Spell. It requires the Resource Elixir to Train in the Barrack and Upgrades in the Laboratory!

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