Hack Clash of Clans Best Tricks to Earn Free Gems 2019 {April Updated}

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular online games on mobile. With more than three years of huge success, the game has attracted several millions players only on Android platform. With increasing competition in the game, players look to some sort of hacks and tricks to surpass other top players in the game. Best way to do that is by getting extra gems. Gems are the most valuable currency in the game.

clash of clans gems

You can do pretty much everything with the help of gems. Like complete any on going upgrade, start an upgrade if your builders are busy, train army instantly, donate troops in clan castle, level up the Town Hall and the list goes on. Of course, as the time and price (in-game gold or elixir) of these upgrades increases, so does the number of required gems. And that is precisely why a lot of players search on the internet how to get free gems in Clash of Clans because many of them don’t want to spend real money on the game (you can buy gem with the help of money).

Clash of Clans Hack No Survey (Required)

Still, the game has generated more than $3.6 Billion profit so far according to Supercell and that is just crazy. For a game that is free to install and play, Clash of Clans has surely been the favorite of the fans.

If you’re also having trouble finding gems in the game and you want some side ways to earn them faster, well! You have come to the right place. We are going to tell you some genuine methods through which you can earn legitimate gems in without the fear of getting ban. Interesting thing that most players do not know about prior to searching for hacks is that using third party tools to increase your gems in the game will always lead to account block. Supercell has a very strict policy on fair game and any player who try to mold it does not last very long. That is why we strongly suggest that you steer clear of those hack generating tools kind of websites. They won’t do you any good. Instead your account will get banned.

No Shortcut Earn Free Gems in Clash of Clans

First thing to understand here is that there are no shortcuts to get loads of gems in minutes. Clash of Clans provides equal competition to all players and it is an online game. So, if you try to manipulate the gameplay by any means, the online server will notice your move and you’ll get banned in no time. So how can you earn fast gems in the game? The questions remain. Well! We are going to tell you how. There are a lot of legitimate ways to earn quick gems in Clash of Clans. Many players do not know about them or they just don’t bother to apply them. And that is why you should know about all these methods to have an edge in the game.

clash of clans gems hack

Clash of Clans Hidden Elixir and Dark Elixir Trick

As Clash of Clans is an online game in which you can attack the enemy bases at will (considering you have your army ready in the Army Camp), so can the enemies. Your village is highly vulnerable to enemy attacks when your shield and guard expires. And even one attack can cost you like half a million of gold and elixir. What can you do to prevent this? One good method is to don’t stock up the resources unless you have to. What this means is start an upgrade as soon as you have the required gold or elixir. This won’t leave much of them in the storage and for the in-coming enemies.

But that is the ideal solution as you must pile up resources every now and then to start a big upgrade. What you can do there is train 2 armies at the same time in your barracks. Although you won’t be able to use the second army before the first one but this will move like 0.3 or 0.4 million of your elixir and thousands of dark elixirs in the barracks. This will benefit you doubly. Firstly, you won’t have to wait to train the second army and secondly enemies won’t be able to loot those elixir and dark elixir because you would have already converted them into army.

Magical Items Trick

If you’re a regular Clash of Clans player, you must know about the Trader. A lot of innovations have been introduced in Clash of Clans during the past couple of years and one of them is the Trader. You can purchase different items from the trader in exchange for some gems. Although these items are quite expensive and that is exactly why we are not suggesting to buy these. Rather we are saying to just collect the free item. That’s right! Most of the time, the Trader offers a free item (mostly a potion) in the shop. You just have to check the shop regularly. That will save you some gems.

Training the second army prior to the attack

Training two armies at the same time is beneficial in every way. You can save your elixir and dark elixir as well it will save your time. But what you don’t know is training the second army will also save you some gems in dare times. Suppose you have to attack twice in war and the war time is ending. You’ll attack with the trained army but then you’ll have to train a whole new army. What if you don’t have that much time? Surely you will use the gems to skip training time. And that is why you should have always a backup army in the camp.

Gem Mine

Supercell introduced Gem Mine with the builder base. It is a very slow but constant source of gems which cannot be stolen. Your focus should be on upgrading the Gem Mine first in the builder base. You can collect up to 4.3 gems at max level so far with a capacity of 20 gems.

Special Events

There are a number of special events that go live now a days in Clash of Clans. These events require you to do simple tasks like complete 5 successful attacks with a specific army and you’ll be rewarded with a good number of gems. So, never miss the events.

These were some of the tricks through which you can earn fast gems in Clash of Clans without getting your account banned. As you spend more time in the game, you’ll discover many new ways to do so. Happy Clashing!

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