Avengers: Endgame Drops 67% After Debuting On Digital HD

Even with a whopping 67% Fall it Surfaced on VOD this past Tuesday


Endgame earned$313,000 For a brand new $857.4 million domestic and $2.794 billion worldwide game. $2.795 billion comes with a nice”round” ring to it, although I’m sure $2.8 billion could have seemed even nicer.

Nonetheless, there’s always a year-end Oscar reissue to consider.

Roll your eyes in the event that you have to, but I’d argue Endgame was better than, offhand, The Darkest Hour, Bohemian Rhapsody, Green Book and Vice. For reference, this can be a sharper fall than what we saw when the previous few MCU titles created their VOD debuts while playing in hundreds of theaters.

Captain Marvel debuted on digital HD and fell 53% that weekend, the biggest drop it’d taken because it had lost 700 theaters in weekends ten (-56%) and again in weekend 11 (-60percent ). It finally went on to earn $426.81 million, where it now sits (thanks to The Lion King) since the year’s third-biggest domestic (and worldwide) grosser.


Infinity War debuted on electronic HD on July 31, basically the exact same point in time as Endgame. It only took a 37% fall after falling only 4% the weekend prior, finally going from $677.898 million on July 30 to $678.815 million in the end.

Captain America:

Civil War dropped on VOD on The Friday of Labor Day weekend, which messes all these comparisons up. It moved up by 52 percent from its former Fri-Sun weekend and went from $407.8 million to $408.084 million. Additionally, it went on VOD per month later than the last two Avengers movies. Avengers: Age of Ultron went out a day following Labor Day in 2015 and fell 53 percent over its next Fri-Sun frame, finally earning $459.005 million domestic.

The big exception to the rule, since it was an event unto itself, has been Black Panther.

The Ryan Coogler flick debuted on VOD on May 15, 2018 while still playing in 935 theaters. It dropped 58% that second weekend but stuck around anyway, bringing in $6.58 million after its VOD introduction for $700 million national uses. If Avengers: Endgame plays similarly (despite a larger drop and its current theater count of 420), it is going to wind up, closer to $864 million than $860 million.

As for the larger-than-normal fall, credit the absolute size of Endgame’s Domestic totals, that asserts that a good deal of people already watched the movie in theaters multiple occasions. Additionally, as the entire”priced-to-buy” VOD thing gets more mainstream, so I expect we will have less folks seeing the biggies in theaters even as soon as they create their post-theatrical debuts.

Obviously A 67% fall is only trivia when you have already earned $857 million nationally and $2.794 billion worldwide. It is a little funny that the MCU sequel took its largest weekend-to-weekend drop in its 15th weekend. That’s also its very first fall above 52% since its third weekend in theaters. The number only jumped out and I felt like conducting the comparisons.

It is Only a shame they didn’t drop 69% on 420 Displays, as now we do not get to make stupid jokes about the biggest Grosser of all time.

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